Despite an unpromising weather forecast 15 people turned out for the butterfly and flowers walk at Ranmore Common, the last of the 2018/2019 season. Overcast skies and a stiff breeze marked the start but down the slope and on to the hillside it became warmer and the butterflies appeared. There were plenty of chalkhill blues, meadow and hedge browns (gatekeepers), several marbled whites and a smattering of skippers (small, large and Essex). A brown argus was seen as were one or two silver-washed  fritillaries. The species of flowers and plants found included marjoram, wild parsnip, field and small scabious, squinancywort,  clustered bellflower and a fine example of deadly nightshade. birds-foot trefoil and rock rose were there, both important food plants for the caterpillars of various butterfly species. Birds were few; notable sightings included a hobby, buzzard and showy whitethroat. A wasp spider enjoying an early lunch was spotted. A very pleasant morning produced impressive species lists of 71 flowers and plants, 16 butterflies and 10 birds.